Grands & Funding

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Grants & Funding

We prioritize providing high-quality work at a fair price for our customers. To achieve this, we diligently search for funding, grants, and information that can help our customers get the best possible deal, whether it’s through ECO Funding, local council grants, or other available resources. We keep ourselves updated with current events in Cambridge, East Anglia, Peterborough, London, the Midlands, and other areas to ensure our customers are well-informed and can take advantage of any available opportunities. Additionally, we have formed partnerships that allow us to offer competitive finance options, allowing our customers to pay for their work in manageable installments, provided they meet the relevant criteria set by our finance partner.

Through our valued partnerships, we’re delighted to extend competitive financial solutions to our clients, enabling them to comfortably manage the expenses of their projects through convenient payment plans. These flexible finance options are accessible to all customers who meet the eligibility criteria established by our trusted financial partners.