Large projects


Larger Projects

Our team has extensive expertise in collaborating with various clients, including Councils, Housing Associations, Landlords, and Homeowners, on diverse ventures. This demonstrates our proficiency and comprehension of how to accomplish a substantial project effectively, from inception to completion. Furthermore, when handling significant initiatives that comprise several properties or sites, we prioritize the following crucial factors to ensure success:

  • We maintain a high level of professionalism and professionalism throughout the entire process, with our team of Strata agents exhibiting the utmost professionalism. 
  • To ensure a smooth project execution, we prioritize clear communication and careful planning. 
  • Our staff and on-site teams are committed to delivering work of the highest quality while maintaining a professional demeanor. 
  • To keep the project on budget and schedule, we have a robust management strategy in place.

Although our primary operations are in Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, Essex, London, Oxfordshire, and the Midlands, our services extend to larger projects across England and sometimes the UK. Contact us and share your requirements so that we can inform you about how we can assist you. While External Wall Insulation & Silicone Render are our main expertise, we have a vast network of tradespeople and skilled workers who can perform various improvements and measures. Therefore, we can cover multiple works at each property efficiently if it’s a part of the project requirements. Please send us an email at if you need multiple services for your project, and we will let you know if we can assist you or not.

Our page offers a comprehensive overview of the available options, the advantages of External Wall Insulation, and how we can help. We’ve also included a quick guide to the installation process, so you can be fully informed and ready to begin your home improvement journey!

Expertise counts

With Strata’s management having successfully completed over 1000 installations of External Wall Insulation & Silicone Rendering as part of larger projects, we are able to use our experience to prevent any errors, issues, or delays in the planning and execution of every project we undertake. We are always eager to apply our experience to new projects and have been successful in providing cost-saving suggestions to our clients while still delivering quality work.