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April 7, 2023

Silicone Render: An Explanation and its Advantages

As a specialist installer of silicone rendering, we understand that the terminology and jargon used can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post to help explain what silicone render is and the advantages it has over other types of render.

What is a Silicone Render?

Silicone render is a popular form of render used on properties to provide a highly effective and weatherproof finish that protects walls. There is a wide range of colours and types of silicone render available, making it suitable for every kind of project and structure. It can be applied on its own to give a new finish to a structure or used as a final coating after External Wall Insulation to protect the system and complete the look.

Other Types of Render

While silicone render is the most commonly used form of render, there are other types available in the market, including acrylic, mineral, monocoque, sand, and cement. These are generally cheaper than silicone render, but their lifespan is shorter, and they lack the same level of breathability. Silicone render is, therefore, a superior choice for most buildings.

Advantages of Silicone Render

Silicone render offers several significant advantages over previously used types of render, making it the best choice in the current market for most standard buildings. The main advantages of silicone render include:

  • Waterproof and highly effective at protecting and weatherproofing external walls
  • Requires very little maintenance or cleaning
  • Wide variety of high-quality suppliers offering a huge range of colours to suit every property and situation
  • Can last 20-30 years with proper application and maintenance, significantly longer than other render types

Disadvantages of Silicone Render

While silicone render is an excellent product in terms of its durability, breathability, and low maintenance requirements, this does come at a cost. Silicone render is generally more expensive than other options and can be more labour-intensive to apply. However, the additional cost is well worth it, as properly applied and maintained silicone render can last for decades.

Strata Render & EWI Projects – Quality Comes First

At Strata, we always ensure that work is carried out to the highest quality, as demonstrated by our recent project completed in Fakenham, Norfolk. The property required external insulation to the top half and a matching render coat to the bottom half, which we completed using the 90mm EPS Johnstones Stormshield EWI System for the top half and a 1.5mm layer of Johnstones Stormshield Silicone Enhanced Render on the bottom half. The customer chose “Oyster” out of hundreds of colour choices, which left their property looking clean and refreshed with a fantastic new, lasting appearance.

Weber Recognised Contractor

At Strata, we only work with quality suppliers who provide the best products for our customers. We’re excited to confirm that we have recently been approved as a recognised contractor for Weber and look forward to installing Weber systems as well as continuing our relationship in the future.

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